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Hib - Hoses And Fittings For Pneumatic Applications

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Hib - Hydraulics

O podjetju Hib, Kranj, d.o.o.

HIB Kranj

HIB is a limited liability company with its seat at the address Savska cesta 22, Kranj. It is registered at the municipal court in Kranj under the number 1/739/00. This is a family company owned by Igor and Darja Bizjak.

The history of the company dates to 1984, when the present director and co-owner of the company HIB started to produce hydraulic and industrial hoses like an entrepreneur. Within the auspices of private enterprise this business was carried out until the year 1990. In 1990 Limited liability company HIB Kranj Ltd was set up and the company has been running its business since then. Since 1992 the development of its business started to rise dramatically because the producers of hydraulic as well as industrial hoses which seat was located in the republics of ex-Yugoslavia dropped out of the market. The most reputable producers were Fadip Bečaj, Univerzal Zagreb, and Pnevmatik Ploče which had the majority market share in the field of hydraulic and industrial hoses. 

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The company HIB has changed its location several times until it bought and renovated the business premises in IKOS size 2500 m2. The seat of the company is at the address Savska cesta 22, Kranj where it moved its entire business activities. In 1996 the first outlet opened in Ptuj, later on it was followed by outlets in Celje, Ljubljana, Slovenj Gradec, Ormož, Brežice and Murska Sobota and now we are opening it in Maribor too. 

HIB poslovalnica

The company first exported its goods to Macedonia in 1995, then to Sarajevo in 1997, Croatia in 2002 and to Serbia in 2004. All the destinations are chosen on the basis of target customers which are provided service by the company HIB. The company has been spreading its network by selling its own products in numerous centres in Slovenia and ex-Yugoslav republics. There are business negotiations going on in Belorussia, Hungary and Romania.

At the beginning the main production-selling programme included the production of hydraulic hoses and fittings and was later on followed by industrial hoses, hydraulic and pneumatic components. The most recent programme includes transport belts made of artificial materials. The field of our work is extremely specialised. We provide spare parts for a variety of industrial fields (civil engineering, food industry, farming, chemistry industry and transport). This is what makes us indispensible and important on the market for our business partners. If we cannot make a delivery a huge economic damage can be caused. 

The most important period in the development of the company was from the year 1997 to 2001, when we set up the most outlets and purchased new and bigger premises. During this period we were ranked as the fastest growing companies called (Gazele) as well as nominated for the title of the business company of the year.

After the year 2001 our growth levelled off due to new investments and the success in business. Now we wish to achieve a bigger and faster growth on account of new markets in the European Union and outside it because we have achieved organization, profession and finance wise the level which enables us to do it.

HIB Kranj