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Hib - Hydraulic Hoses

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Hib - Industrial Hoses

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Hib - Hoses And Fittings For Pneumatic Applications

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Hib - Hydraulics



With appropriate developmental investment and marketing activities and employment strategy of appropriate employees we wish to be a leading Slovenian company in the field of hydraulic and industrial hoses, transport belts and technical rubber and at the same time increase and spread the network to markets abroad. We control the market in Bosnia, our next goal is Serbia where there are great opportunities opening for us right now because our biggest competitor ‘Fadip’ went bankrupt. We employed the ex-director of Fadip and through him some new sales person. We wish to take over their market in Serbia as well as other countries. 




Our company ensures the entire solution in the field of production programme of high-pressure hoses, industrial hoses, couplers for hydraulic and tyres, hydraulic and tyre components and transport belts. The main purpose of the activity is to ensure solutions in the field of business communications, which make the profitability of customers’ activities optimal and increase their success as well as enable the company’s growth of profit. 
We also see our mission in ensuring the quality of working conditions for employees. 
We also wish to be a company with an active role in the field of employment and business development of the town.


The strategy and care for environment


We wish to increase our reputation and business on account of quality and reasonably priced supply of our products and services. We see a competitive advantage in the improvement of productivity and the decrease of the cost in all the business fields.

All the time we intend to introduce new, modern technology which will increase physical productivity and the scope of business, the quality of products and the safety of working environment. 

With suitable technological solutions we shall respect environmental rules and introduce environmentally friendly and energetic effective solutions.

In the field of marketing we shall lead the policy of increasing income especially with the growth of export. In Slovenia we wish to consolidate the market share and fend off foreign competition by running suitable marketing activities. We shall be on the lookout for the opportunities of new and quality products.

The personnel department shall employ employees in the field of selling, purchasing and production. Education of employees will be an ongoing process.

In the financial field we shall be trying to insure quality structure of financial resources with the emphasis of high liquidity for the purposes of financing stocks needed for conducting business. Due to the speciality of business, relatively high quantities of stocks are required for the enlarged quantity of business conductionIn the purchasing field, we shall in connection of enlarged quantity of selling, be looking for reasonable purchasing resources and more reasonable purchasing prices due to larger quantity of purchasing.